Sometime I Can Be An Ass


Hey everyone 🙂

Hope you all have had a great start to the week. My week has had a bit of a bumpy start; I went from going from a manic mood to crashing down to a low one, I felt like my mind had given me whiplash. Since I have been in contact with more people with mental health problems similar to my own, I now feel more prepared for these things. I always say this but you lot definitely help keep me going your stories and support are so inspiring.
I don’t know about you but I can feel so overwhelmed with the severity of my moods and places my mind can go, I miss out on opportunities and experiences, which leaves me with a lot of what ifs questions. I have had a lot of people tell me to stop dwelling on the past but it’s not so easy as it sounds, not to dwell on it. The past is a lot easier to dwell on then looking towards the future because the past has happened it’s kind of comfortable to analyze it over and over then what could happen in the future, Eurgh the anxiety I get on what could happen or might happen, it’s like an out of control inner brainstorm.

So this brings me to my tip of the day…….. Assume.

Assume, what a dangerous word that is, as the saying goes if you assume you make an ASS out of yoU and ME. There are many ways we can assume, jumping to opinions, dwelling, over thinking etc. When you start assuming the snowball effect happens, you start feeling worse about yourself and others to the point where you going to need to get a secretary to start writing out the minutes of the inner debate you have with yourself.
We assume to try to protect ourselves from things, but sometimes we don’t need to that. Yes, bad things and bad people are out there but sometimes we have to experience a mistake to learn from them. I know I have made plenty of mistakes in the past and I know I have learned a lot from them. They have shown me my inner strength, that certain things I assumed were right for me weren’t and I wouldn’t have the things I have now without them.
We can also assume that people out there are just going to hurt us, but we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Yes, there is bad things and bad people out there but there is also good things and good people.
Try not to miss out on things because you are assuming it won’t end well. I am not perfect myself and I am trying to get better at not assuming myself, it won’t happen overnight just small steps but its steps in the right direction.

Take care,

Vicky xxx


You can never guess or assume what anyone is going to think. – J. J. Abrams

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