Once Upon A Time 

story 2

Hey everyone 🙂

Hope you all are having a great weekend. I am currently coming down from having a manic mood, finally being able to sleep is a great feeling. I love to sleep because I love to dream, dreams are a magical thing, you are you but the story is not your current one it’s something new and a welcome break sometimes from reality. I have always been a dreamer since I can remember, I have always created stories and had an over active imagination. Being able to read a book and feel like I am in it, feeling what they feeling, the joy, the anger, the fear and the sadness. I believe you can find a story in everything, for instance in music the lyrics are telling a story you just have to listen closely sometimes. The problem with being such a dreamer I keep waiting for my happy ending to happen and when I feel that path is so far away from me in can leave such a disappointing feeling deep inside me. But my story isn’t finished yet, it has only just begun.

So this leads me to my tip of the day, which is…….. LIVE

We can get so caught up with the things around us and the problems we have, we forget that our story isn’t over with yet. A lot of you like myself, have had a very bumpy road so far and it’s made us just want to end our journey sooner than we should. But there is still so much out there we haven’t experienced and sometimes the greatest experience comes from the worst. I never want people to feel like I am preaching to them. The interactions I have had with people, hearing your stories I feel the words you write.

I am just as guilty of forgetting to live, to being so overwhelmed with the war inside my mind, it can knock me off the track of taking things day by day. Just because sometimes you may lose a battle with your mind doesn’t mean you will lose the war. Sometimes we need to dust ourselves off and move forward as we are stronger than we think. We are the author of our story we just have to live it.

Take care,

Vicky xxx

We all live in suspense from day to day; in other words, you are the hero of your own story. – Mary McCarthy

6 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time 

  1. I remember having this big realization like 2 years ago. I used to (I still am actually) think about death and suicide so much, that I completely forgot that I was still alive! It just hit me one day. “Hey, my life isn’t over yet”. Thank you for reminding us about it. I’m sure people need it hear it more. Not to forget. This is important.

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