Mind Security


Hey everyone πŸ™‚


So after my last post, which for me was so full of emotion and heartache, I wanted my next post to be a bit more light and hopeful. I have enjoyed previously doing a tip of a day post so that’s what I am going to do today. But before I do I just want to say thank to the people who read my blog, before I started this 3 months ago I was in such a lonely place, your words of support, encouragement, following, and likes have touched me in so many ways. You are making someone who feels broken feel whole again, you are amazing people!


So back to it then, my tip of the day is……. SECURITY!


Security to me is so important when it comes to my mental health, I think most people can relate to the feeling of lack of control over what goes on with their mind. This is why I feel I need to put things in place that make me feel secure, like a safety net or a security blanket I guess.

I have said it I before, it is important to speak up to people, let them know what you are going through but don’t feel pressured to. Build a good support network of people who you trust, you may not trust them with everything. For instance, there are friends of mine I trust with things I want to talk about my mental health, others I trust with family problems or work problems. You don’t have to share everything with everyone. I have started to build a good support network made up of friends, therapist, my partner, and certain family members.


The safe word is something I started recently, yes you heard it here first a safe word is not just for the bedroom. I have social anxiety, but I try my best to live life as normal as I can. Sometimes though no matter how much I try, my diva of anxiety can get the best of me, so instead of running away or staying and risking an anxiety attack I now have a safe word with my friends and boyfriend. It’s so I can let them know I need to be removed from the situation or text it someone if I’m out on my own to see if they can come and get me. It beats going into detail and wasting time. I also use it in conversation when I am talking about my issues with my therapist; just to let her know it is getting too much for me to talk about I need a break, It is so useful having the security put in place, knowing I can fall back on it.


Another new thing I have started is a mood box. It’s for when I am having a really bad day with my depression or anxiety or both! It’s a box filled with my favorite things like a first aid kit for the mind really. But I won’t go into too much detail as I want to do a separate post about it but I do recommend it to everyone to have one, and I know a few people who I follow have something similar.


So there we go my security for my mental health because my mind can be so unpredictable I have to be prepared for what life throws at me! Hmm, maybe I need a bodyguard for my mind! Instead of ” no shoes no entry” they could be like “bad thoughts not through this door”


Take care everyone hope you enjoyed it!

Vicky xx

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