Hey everyone  🙂


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. This has probably been the first weekend in a while that I have not felt the heavy pressure of the dark cloud of depression and the diva of anxiety interfering with my life. I wish that was down to me getting better but I am not sure it is, I think it is down to a better routine with my medication so until I am completely off them, I will soon find out if I am better or not.

So my tip of the day is…… Declutter!


I have spent most of the day decluttering my place and wow I have so much stuff I think I am a borderline hoarder! As the hours and hours went by and bag after bag went in the bin (don’t worry no shoes were harmed in this!) I was feeling lighter. I feel now I can focus on things much clearer. Cleaning the space around me has helped clean my mind in the process and made me realize what is important.

What I am getting at is that dealing with mental health issues can be overwhelming and feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders so why add to the weight. So get rid of the things that are just gathering dust that have no use to you. Ask yourself:

Do they have a purpose?

When did you last use it?

Why do you hold on to it?

Are the memories associated to it good or bad?

For example, I got rid of pictures of friends I had in the past, yes there are good memories linked to them but every time I see them I feel pain and sadness so I thought there was no need to keep putting myself through that time and time again.

I chose to keep hold of my notebooks I used to write in from when I was younger. Most of the poems and stories in them are about the pain I suffered. But I don’t feel sad when I look at them, I feel proud as I have come so far from that time in my life.

Maybe the same concept can be said for the people we surround our self with; I am not saying to throw people away. I am saying that there is a difference between a friend and an acquaintance and surround you with people who will build you up and not down. I have learned that from losing a lot of friends in the past that they weren’t good friends they were with me through the good times but not the bad.

Take care all speak to you soon 🙂



“Clutter is not just physical stuff, it’s old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits” – Eleanor Brown

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