This is something new I am going to be doing other day so I can stay in regular contact with you lovely lot.


Today’s tip of the day is to be kind.


Sometimes during my dark days, I struggle with my moods obviously, and I can be a real bitch – to a point my – boyfriend asks if I’m on my period? When I shout at him I feel like I am kicking a puppy. I know I am doing wrong but I just can’t help myself. I feel like a real case of Jekyll and Hyde. I have learned that words are powerful even when they are said in anger. They are out there now and will have a chain reaction. So I try and remember to be kind every day no matter how low I am feeling.


How can you do this?


Well, sometimes it can be showing someone you care. I have found the community I have on Twitter is full of incredible people who have struggled. If I notice someone struggling I reach out with kind words to let them now I am there in their corner. Also if someone has achieved something, letting him or her know his or her achievement is inspiring, because it is.

Also sometimes you could walk down the street and see a homeless person. To me, there are two types of people, those who walk on by and those who don’t. Whether you choose to help them with money or not acknowledge them they are human beings, don’t just pretend they are not there as remember we struggle in different aspects of life, a smile and a greeting can go a long way.

Those are just examples of many ways you can be kind by making someone smile, listening to people having a conversation with someone who you wouldn’t normally. Let’s admit it; it’s a dark world we live in, why make it darker? If you are struggling to be the light in your own world be the light in someone else’s, as it will come back around.


“If you have a candle, the light won’t glow any dimmer if I light yours off of mine.” ― Steven Tyler

7 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Well said! It can never be said too often. There is such need and hurt out there in this “broken world”. If we can help someone even a little on a dark day, well… you said it.


  2. i can totaly relate to the part of you shouting at your boyfriend i have a friend she is also suffering from depression and i got scolded by her a lot sometimes for no reason i get that she is messed up and i cant do any thing about it but i cant give up. You know its just that watching someone we love in pain is also painful and sometime we dont know how to react on that ones pain and end up getting scoled by that one. And pls dont hold any thing in cause your loved one will surely understand. Just let it out when you have to. it will make more comfortable.

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