The calm in the storm



Hi again welcome back! Thank you for reading 🙂


So I believe I have achieved so much progress with my anxiety and depression but when I have a bad few days it’s so easy to forget those achievements. So I thought I would write myself a reminder.


You beat self-harming!


I probably self-harmed for about 10 years if I was honest with myself. It wasn’t just one day I just decided to do it. I was a very confused, angry, broken 13-year-old. I was going to school at a battleground and coming home to one. I just wanted the pain inside to stop. It scared me how quickly I had got good at it. I knew the places no would see I knew how to do it without permanent scarring I probably only have a handful of scars from it now. The funny thing is I don’t regret doing it because it was a lesson I had to learn that I am stronger then I thought I was. Now and then I still get the urge when I am upset and stressed but so far so good for the past 5 years I have managed to resist that urge.


You let people in again


I haven’t had much faith in people and to me, sadly also blood is not always as thick as water. I have been let down by people who are supposed to care about me and love me no matter what. Friends and family have turned their back on me and used my weaknesses against me. I am starting to let that go though I am starting to let people slowly back in again and build bridges with people and form new friendships. I had to stop judging people of my present from the people in my past.


You have been honest


The day I went to healthy minds and had an assessment was the day I owed up to a fact I am suffering from depression and anxiety and I have some serious issues. I am now very forward with people and most of the people I have relationships now know. I had to be honest with myself and to others and stop hiding behind that wall of everything is ok. Since being honest I do have a better understanding of my issues and how to face them head on.



This is only a short blog as I am still dealing with my problems and so I hope one day in the future this list will a lot longer. I have hope for the first time in years that one day I will be ok. So if you were to write a list of things you are proud of yourself for achieving what would it be? Give it a go and look back on it during those bad days.



5 thoughts on “The calm in the storm

  1. The only reason I like this post is cause this one was for yourself. And it was really realistic ,honest and personal i loved it. Actually sometimes writing is not just about other people. One more thing about other people when you let someone in its good but when you start having expectations that should be done carefully.

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  2. You will conquer this! You have the power to do so within you. You are the key to your own happiness. Don’t ever give that power away to anyone else. When we are our authentic selves we attract other like-minded souls. Stay authentic. Be true to who you are and you will attract your soul tribe. Love, light, & many blessings to you! You got this! ❤

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